Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Reflecting Midnight's Children

Wanted: thoughtful suggestions for artwork and artists for the following books:
  • Schindler's Ark

  • Vernon God Little

  • Midnight's Children
Selecting art for our books is a rewarding process, and I love exploring the links, contrasts and questions thrown up by the pairings, even after the decision has been made. For example, what was it in Margaret Atwood's novel that moved Yoko Ono to contribute her drawing? Or how do our responses to the work of Jo Ractliffe and Colbert Mashile echo or contradict our response to J. M. Coetzee's text?

As we plan the publication of new titles in this series, we want to ensure that future editions will offer a commentary as valuable and fascinating, with artwork to match the creativity contained in the world's greatest contemporary literature. We're currently looking for artists for the books listed above - so get in touch if you think you know the perfect match!

Happy new year!

Had a wonderful day in London last week, meeting up with the good folks of Hurtwood Press to discuss plans and designs for an upcoming title. Andy English was also there, contributing ideas, and I spent a lovely afternoon with him at the British Library at St Pancras, investigating old manuscripts.

Back in the office, we've been processing all your orders - no complaints there! Keep them coming! - and working on the final stages of production and the marketing for The First Chapter Series Volume VII: Line of Beauty. This moving Booker award-winning title by Alan Hollinghurst is accompanied by a stunning signed print by from Gilbert & George, the in/famous art duo whose work recently formed the largest retrospective of any artist held at Tate Modern.

I'm also trying to put together an article on our work for Parenthesis, the journal for the Fine Press Books Association. Hopefully we'll see it published in issue 17...