Tuesday, 19 January 2010

End of year triumphs

Despite Bruce's best bah-humbugs at the beautiful Oxford snowscapes, this was a winter to remember. Following the shortlisting of "On Not Winning the Nobel Prize" in the British Book Design Awards, we had our first ever stall at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair, and in December were invited to hold a temporary exhibition for "A Outrance" at the prestigious Bodleian library. Those of you who were lucky enough to attend the launch will not quickly forget Philip Pullman's stunning reading of the great bear fight and how Iorek's victory roar echoed amid the heavy Gothic architecture of the Divinity School. (We took photos, but there are better ones on Andy English's blog here)
Many of the designer bindings for A Outrance can still be viewed on our website - with a very few still available to purchase! Once again - THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to making these wonderful books and helping raise money for our beneficiaries.
Coming soon - an update on our plans for the new decade!

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